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Seller’s Notes

 Seller’s Notes

Seller’s Notes SPECIAL NEW YEAR OFFER! 60% OFF ON BUY IT NOW – Automatic Site – PRO DESIGN!

Over  5,000,000 Hotels, 600 Airlines, and Car Rental companies on one site!  KILLER Niche – Evergreen Business – HUGE MARKET! LOW BIN PRICE FROM $229  TO $129 FOR LIMITED TIME!


Let  me tell you a short 40-word story. Have you heard of the AirBNB? they  took a simple website with a simple business model in the travel  industry and turned it into a company with a $25 BILLION VALUATION. They  were average guys like you and I, but something set them apart.  INDUSTRY and TIMING, they moved in quickly and decided to take on one of  the biggest industries in the ENTIRE world. It’s now your turn to act  fast and tap into the TRILLION dollar travel/hospitality industry and  multi-billion dollar online travel industry. It doesn’t matter if you  want to pursue this business opportunity as a startup and take it to  unthinkable and unfathomable heights, or build a profitable side/small  business, we have done the hard work of building a top notch website for  you. The foundation has been masterfully laid for you. Starting today,  you can take this asset and build something special with it.

We  are proud to present to you our sensational “Travel Business System”.  This is single point Travel Booking System is the one-stop shop for all  your users traveling needs. Our website platform is a place where your  customers can book Hotels, Flights & Rental Cars all over the world.  Draped with beautiful content this website is the perfect destination  for frequent travelers, backpackers, vacationers and anyone in between.  We’ve used this to device an extremely profitable business model (Our  proprietary WIN-WIN business model). The thing is everyone wants to save  money when booking their next vacation and there are very few sites  that masterfully/seamlessly help consumers do this. We have designed  this Business System in a way that it becomes One & Only reference  point for your audience to fulfill their hotels, flights and rental  needs. This forces them to become loyal/long-term users and lines your  pocket with cash month in and month out from various types of  transactions. We have also created an eye-catching Professional Blog to  keep customers engaged and drive them  into your core business  automatically, so can build deeper and more tangible  connection/relationships with your customers. Intrinsically, we are  handing over the keys to a complete “Travel Booking Business”. We are  literarily handing you the keys to your next sports car, dream house and  maybe even a license to print money. If you are driven, dedicated and  willing you can build this into something even more SPECTACULAR.

How will this Website Make You Money?

We  have not just optimized this website just for maximum appeal for users,  we have also maximized the website in order to siphon in the most money  for YOU. Through our previous experience and industry knowledge, we  have set up a solid affiliate program for YOU. This site is connected  with 4 top affiliate programs that will literarily PAY YOU any and every  time someone uses this website. You make commissions from sales of  Hotel Bookings, Flights, Car Rentals. For main affiliate program, you  even earn just for users browsing the website. They even don’t need to  make a booking. ☺

Following are details, How you are going to make money from this website.

1) Hotel Bookings

You  earn commission “per-lead” basis. A Lead is considered when a visitor  clicks on hotels pages using your website. So you are paid just to send  visitors who are interested in booking accommodation or hotels. And  these visitors don’t even need to make a booking to earn you  commissions. You just get paid for visitors clicking on the hotel pages.

You can expect on average $1 – $4 per lead depending on the quality of the leads.

Each visitor is also tracked for up to 365 days, so you will keep earning commissions from repeat visits from a lead.

You  are paid by bank wire or Paypal for your commissions. You will have  access to tracking and reporting tools to monitor the performance of  your websites.

2) Flights Bookings

Flight  booking is a mixed commission program. So when visitors search for  flights on your site and then click the ‘Select’ button in the search  results, they go to a third party web sites depending on the best flight  offer available for your visitor, such as or British  Airways to complete a booking. Some Airlines would pay you just for  sending visitor while some Airlines will be paying you commissions from  the Bookings.

You will have your dedicated affiliate management  account where you will able to track and manage everything about your  commissions, website performance & visitors.

3) Car Rentals

Same as “Flights Booking”.

4) Selling “Advertisement Spaces” on Your Website

On  various high traffic/ important areas of the website: We have made the  design fluid and unobtrusive so you can post relevant ads without  worrying about affecting the user experience negatively. The areas you  can decide to put ads on are:

➔ Home Page advertising area.

➔ Blog Sidebar advertising area.

➔ Single Post Sidebar advertising area.

➔ Footer advertisement area.

5) Selling Affiliate (Clickbank & Amazon) Products

You can also use above mentioned Advertisement Spaces for selling affiliate products in the travel industry.

On  Clickbank & Amazon, you can find thousand and thousands of products  from the Travel industry that will be of extreme interests of your  visitors.

6) Building Your Subscribers List

Money is the list, we all know that. We have integrated email collection form in the website. So you can

start building the List of your subscribers and sell them whatever you want through e-mail marketing.


✔ “Hotel Search Engine” millions of hotel deals from hundreds of TOP travel sites.

✔ “Flight-Price Comparison Search Engine” containing thousand of fantastic deals for your users

✔ “Car Rental Search Engine” containing thousand of deals.

✔ “Travel Blog” so you connect with your audience and attract hyper-targeted leads into your business.

✔ “Travel Videos” from the unknown inner workings of the travel world.

✔ “Admin Area” to easily edit/add/update ultra engaging content for your user base.

✔ “Autoresponder Integration” to build your email list and cultivate this list into a list that spits you cash on demand.

✔  “Premium Design by world-class designers ” this alone is worth buying  this listing today. The man hours and expertise that went into this is  literarily worth thousands of dollars.

✔ “Search Engine  Optimized Structure”, This will save you a bundle in advertising as it  maximizes your chances of getting top spots on google for challenging  keywords. TRAFFIC is the lifeblood of any website and by making this SEO  optimized we’ve made your traffic building a lot easier.


✔  PREMIUM DOMAIN “” Transferred to your “NameCheap” Account.

✔ All the files and complete access.

✔ Unique Logo glossily designed and pixelated for maximum aesthetic appeal.

✔ Free Transfer to your Host.

✔ Complete guide about signing up with “Affiliate Programs” and updating Affiliate Links.

✔ Unlimited One Month Mail Assistance.

✔ Fiverr gig to generate tons of Traffic.


✔ SUPER HOT “Guide How to Earn up to 10,000 dollars per month from your Travel Site”.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or inquiry. Please contact me through PM..

It  isn’t a mystery that the website buying process can be stressful  sometimes and we assure to make your experience with us and enjoyable  and easy one. We’ve not only included the bonuses above we also offer  world class support and help. Just look below to see what some of our  partners/past customers have to say.


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