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Seller’s Notes

This is a complete turnkey online business that you can market in your spare time. Everything from the fulfillment of the SEO services to marketing of the website can be outsourced so that it is hands free.

You will drive traffic to the website with any of the main four main marketing methods (I use a combination of all four of these to keep leads coming into my offline marketing businesses:

1) Direct Mail Method – I will provide templates of direct mail that you will use to send to business owners who could use help with their SEO. I will also tell you which lead generation software I use to find highly targeted prospects (it is a one time fee). This software also gives you names, emails and social media info so that you can contact these business owners in another way.

2) Video + Email Method – This method works extremely well, because you are providing value up front to the businesses, and they see you as an authority figure.

3) Linkedin Method – There is also software that views profiles on linkedin automatically, and then these business owners will see that you have viewed them, and view you back, it is a way to drive traffic from Linkedin to your linked in page which functions as a sales page.

4) Local/Business Meetup – I will provide a course that teaches how to join business networking events and put on small presentations to business owners to get them to be your clients. This is probably the quickest way to get new clients, as you can meet them face to face. Also goes over how to write a business card effectively to drive leads to your website.

There are other marketing methods, cold calling, or hiring a cold calling team, craigslist, pay per click, bulk emailing, other social media marketing like facebook and twitter.

I will be providing to the winner a treasure chest of Warrior Forum (WSO) courses on the subject of offline marketing that I have bought over the past few years.

Even if you know nothing about offline or local marketing (selling web design, content writing, social media, video, seo, link building) and other services to businesses, after you read these courses, you will fully understand and be an expert on it.

Everything I know about this business, you will know, and all the resources I have you will have. From dealing with outsourcers, to scaling up, to automating as much as possible.

I also give my personal email to the winners of my auctions, and I have no problem giving you tips, pointers, and help as long as you do not abuse my time.

Selling services to offline businesses is a lot easier than you think, and even one or two clients per month can absolutely change your life.

I know how to get ranking results for my clients, and I have the best and most effective services and outsourcers picked out for you, so when you get a client, there is no guess-work, no not knowing what to do.

After the client pays you, you will simply look at the word document that I give you that has all of the outsourcers in it, and then you will order it.

This is the simplest business in the world to run and operate, and it can be a cash cow that you can use to start other long term businesses.

In case you are wondering if seo and web design are here to stay – check out this article – SEO Industry worth $65 Billion will it ever stop growing?

** Low Reserve & Fair BIN Price**

Quick Summary – Why Buy This Business Website

A Proven Online Money Making Business in a Box.

Serve High Demand Web Services Niche.

Provide Seo Packages & Other Related Upsells

Huge Profit – The cost it takes to outsource the project will be very small compared to the profit that you make.

Fully Outsourced business, with Genuine Experienced Suppliers List.

Newbie Friendly, No Technical Knowledge and Experience required.

Simple Process – If you can forward an email, you can run this business, it’s that easy.

Professional Design, SEO Friendly Website, Based on WordPress (Very easy to manage).

Complete Marketing Material (not crappy resell products, but good solid WSO’s from the Warrior Forum

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LOGORAILS – Excellent thingy setting up is as easy as ABC Thanks Highly recommended

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How Does This Business Website Work?

The Complete process is very easy from ordering, receiving payments and fulfilling the order. When a customer places an order, you get Payment in your paypal.

Then you just need to order the package that your new client has ordered from the service providers that I provide. Easy as 1-2-3

A list of suppliers who have good working experience will be provided by us with the purchase of this site.

No experience required nor any technical knowledge is needed for running this business.

Marketing Packages

Starter Package : $500 >> Supplier Costs: $73 >> Profit:$427

Professional Package : $1,000 >> Supplier Costs: $157 >> Profit: $843

Enterprise Package : $1,500 >> Supplier Costs: $249 >> Profit: $1251

You can change the prices however you want.

I usually don’t force my clients into a monthly subscription, but I find that after they order one time, and see results, they like to signup for a monthly plan.

I customize that monthly marketing plan, because I find that if I discount the rate a little bit from the first price they paid, they are MUCH more likely to stick around long-term.

Easy to add More Services

This particular domain name is really geared towards SEO services, however that doesn’t mean you can’t offer web design to your clients or social media marketing.

The wordpress theme that this website is built on makes it pretty easy (uses a page builder) and a lot of presets and templates, so it is not difficult to add fully fleshed out pages without any html/css knowledge.

Buying Option


Win this site by bidding. LOW RESERVE! FIRST BID CAN WIN!

Support – I will be available for you to help and answer any questions if you are a beginner.

Marketing Guides – The WSO’s I am going to provide you are worth hundreds of dollars if you were to buy them yourself. But the education they provide you and the amount of money you can make from the knowledge found inside make them priceless.

If you have any questions just ask me.

Happy Bidding,